Automatic Pop Up Credit Card Holder Metal Card Case


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  • Cowboy Leather


  • 9.5*6.8*1.5CM

Handling: Use clean hands.
Cleaning: Wipe leather with damp cloth; for stains, use leather cleaner. Dry with cloth.
Metal: Buff with cloth; use metal cleaner for tarnish.
Moisture: If wet, dab and air-dry away from heat/sun.
Storage: Cool, dry spot; avoid prolonged sun/humidity.
Conditioning: Apply conditioner every 3-4 months.
Capacity: Avoid overfilling.
Protection: Beware of sharp items.
Checks: Inspect screws/joints regularly.
Expert Care: For major concerns, see a specialist.


RFID-Blocking Cowboy Leather Automatic Pop Up Card Holder for Men

Experience Secure & Stylish Convenience with the Automatic Pop Up Credit Card Holder Metal Card Case

In today's digital age, safety, style, and functionality converge in the realm of men's wallets. Introducing the Automatic Pop Up Credit Card Holder Metal Card Case, a blend of cowboy leather charm with modern RFID-blocking technology, offering unmatched protection and elegance.

Authentic Cowboy Leather Design 

Embrace the rustic and authentic appeal of cowboy leather, guaranteeing not just a durable product but also a stylish companion for your everyday adventures.

Advanced RFID-Blocking Technology 

Ensure your card's information remains in the right hands—yours. This card holder boasts top-tier RFID-blocking capabilities, shielding your sensitive data from unauthorized scans.

Quick Pop-Up Mechanism

No more fumbling around. With an intuitive pop-up feature, access your cards with a simple click. Speed and simplicity at its finest.

Compact and Lightweight 

Say goodbye to bulky wallets. This card holder fits seamlessly in your pocket, ensuring comfort and a slim profile without compromising on capacity.

Robust Metal Card Case 

Encased in a sturdy metal shell, your cards receive an additional layer of protection against physical damages, ensuring they remain in pristine condition.


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The card holder can comfortably store up to 8 standard-sized credit or debit cards.

Simply press the button at the bottom and your cards will fan out, giving you easy access.

Absolutely! Our product boasts authentic cowboy leather, ensuring durability and a timeless look.

Our card holder provides top-tier RFID-blocking capabilities, safeguarding your card information from any unauthorized scans.

Yes, it's designed for regular use and built to last, ensuring a smooth pop-up every time.

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