Men's Slim Wallet with Double Card Holder


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  • PU Leather


  • 9.5*6.5*2.3cm

Clean: Wipe with a soft, damp cloth; mild soap for tough stains.
Dry: Wipe excess water; air dry away from sun/heat.
Store: In a cool, dry spot. Avoid sunlight.
Protect: Keep away from sharp items and chemicals.
Use: Don't overstuff. Avoid frequent bending.
Condition: Occasionally apply a PU conditioner.
Inspect: Check for wear, especially edges and corners.


Unveiling the Men's Slim Wallet with Double Card Holder: A Blend of Style & Functionality!

Trendy & Secure: The Men’s Slim Wallet with an Automatic Card Pop-Up Feature.

Discover the epitome of style, compactness, and security wrapped up in one with our Men's Slim Wallet. Not only is it a testament to classic design, but its automatic pop-up feature for your credit cards also brings a touch of modernity. And don't forget the in-built RFID-blocking mechanism, ensuring your data is always safe.

Slim & Sleek Design

Dive deep into minimalism with our slim wallet. Made with the modern man in mind, it fits perfectly into any pocket without creating a bulge, ensuring you remain sleek and stylish.

Double Card Holder with Automatic Pop Up

No more fumbling to find your card. The automatic pop-up feature ensures your cards are readily accessible when you need them, in a jiffy.

Top-Grade PU Leather

Crafted with high-quality PU Leather, our wallet doesn’t just look good; it feels luxurious too. Durable and elegant, it's a companion that will age gracefully with you.

Uncompromised Security with RFID-Blocking

With the growing risk of electronic theft, protect your data with our RFID-blocking technology. Ensuring your peace of mind, one card at a time.

Versatility at Its Best

This isn’t just a wallet; it’s a statement. Suitable for both casual and formal settings, it ensures you always make an impression.


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The wallet is crafted from high-quality PU Leather, ensuring both durability and a sophisticated appearance.

Simply press a button, and your cards will pop up in an organized manner, making them easily accessible.

The double card holder can comfortably hold up to 14 cards.

Not at all! Despite its features, the design prioritizes a slim and sleek profile, making it ideal for any pocket.

RFID-blocking technology prevents unauthorized scanners from accessing your personal information from your cards. In an age of increasing electronic theft, this feature ensures your data remains protected.

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