Slim Front Pocket Carbon Fiber Minimalist Money Clip RFID Men's Wallet


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  • Microfiber leather


  • 11*7.9*1.7cm

Clean: Wipe with damp cloth daily. For tough spots, use mild soap sparingly.
Dry: If damp, air dry. Avoid heaters and sunlight.
Sun Care: Limit sun exposure to prevent fading. Store shaded.
Capacity: Don't overstuff. Maintain shape and clip function.
Scratches: Buff minor marks. For major, seek expert help.
Avoid Chemicals: Eschew oils, alcohols, and stain-inducing substances.
Rotate: Swap out wallets periodically for material longevity.


Elevate Your Style with the Slim Front Pocket Carbon Fiber Minimalist Money Clip RFID Men's Wallet

The Future of Men’s Wallets: Carbon Fiber Build with RFID-Blocking Tech

In an age where style, functionality, and security go hand-in-hand, our Slim Front Pocket Carbon Fiber Minimalist Money Clip Wallet stands out. Designed exclusively for men who value elegance without compromising on security, this wallet boasts a blend of cutting-edge technology and top-tier aesthetics.

Ultra-Sleek Design

Dive into the world of minimalist fashion with our carbon men's wallet. Slim and compact, it fits perfectly in your front pocket, ensuring no more bulky back-pocket bulges.

Robust Carbon Fiber Build

Made with genuine carbon fiber, the wallet is not just a pretty face. It promises durability, making sure your investment lasts for years.

Advanced RFID-Blocking Technology

Protect your sensitive card data from electronic theft. With RFID-Blocking technology, our wallet ensures your cards remain shielded from unwanted scans.

Elegant Microfiber Leather Accents

Experience the blend of luxury and strength with microfiber leather touches, adding an extra layer of sophistication to your wallet.

Effortless Money Clip Access

Say goodbye to tedious card and cash retrieval. Our integrated money clip allows quick and easy access to your bills.


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The main body of the wallet is made from carbon fiber, accented with touches of microfiber leather for an elegant finish.

The wallet can comfortably hold up to 10 cards, plus additional bills with its integrated money clip.

Absolutely. The RFID-blocking technology is designed to shield your cards from unwanted scans, without causing any harm or interference with card functionality.

Yes, the money clip is designed to be easily removable, providing versatility and convenience for users.

The microfiber leather can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. For stains, a mild detergent solution can be used.

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